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Understanding Our Measurements.

Getting a good fit is probably one of the most difficult things about shopping for clothes on eBay.  We want your item to fit you well and we try to provide as much information for you so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.


But we know things aren't quite so simple.  We have put together this little guide to give you a few pointers that may help you get a better fit.


1.  What does "Completely unstretched (flat) to maximum stretch" really mean?  Unstretched (flat) is pretty self-explanatory.  Maximum stretch means we have stretched it as wide as we could comfortably stretch it (not nearly to the breaking point, but just stretched very well.)


2.  Will this item be too small if I fit only the MAXIMUM measurements in both the bust and waist?  If your measurements only fit in the maximum bust and waist, it will likely be too tight.   We give the maximum measurements so that people who are a bit larger in the bust OR waist (not both), will know they have a little stretch there.


3. Will this item be too big if I fit the UNSTRETCHED measurements in both the bust and waist?  Again, if your measurements fit only the unstretched bust and waist - it will likely be too big.   However, this really depends on if you like something to fit loosely or not. 

4. Any tips for dresses?  It all depends on the dress, of course.  For example, if it is a strapless dress, you might want it to fit very tightly on top for an attractive bust.  You'd probably want a tighter fit for a halter dress as well - same for backless dresses.  Then there are dresses that are more oriented towards career attire or casual wear and it is fine if these fit a bit looser.  It all really depends on your preference for how tightly you like it to fit. 

5. If there is only one measurement, is that the UNSTRETCHED measurement?  Yes, if there is only one measurement, that is the flat, unstretched measurement.  

6. My bra size is 34C (36D, 32A, etc...).  Will it fit?  Well, that's very hard to tell, we all know how differently bras can fit.  The best thing to do is to compare the measurements of one of your own dresses or the measurements of your body to the measurements in the auction. 

7. How do you take measurements?   Each item is unique and is measured individually.
  • The bust is measured at the widest point, usually from armpit to armpit.
  • The waist is measured at the narrowest contour of the waist.
  • The hips are measured at the widest point, generally about 8 inches below the waist.
  • The length is measured from back of the neck to the hem, unless otherwise specified.

We do our very best to provide correct measurements and cannot be responsible for issues of fit. All measurements are approximate. We cannot fully refund unless items are grossly misrepresented.