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How to identify your Audi D2 / A8 / S8 (1994 -> 2003)

One of the largest challenges in parts supply is getting the right part for the right car. There are a number of things you can do to help us, help you. If in doubt, send us photos, we're always happy to help and the info you can give us, the more we can help you.

Pre Facelift or Post Facelift?

The Facelift cars started rolling out of the factory in Neckarsulm in October 1998, however it was a number of months until they started filtering through onto UK Roads whilst an apparent backlog of pre facelift cars were moved on first. With a little guidance, its easy to tell which you have as the post facelift cars after October 1998 enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Front fog lights in the lower front bumper
  • One piece headlight/indicators with plastic lense covers
  • Chrome strips to the top of the front and rear bumpers
  • New engine range with 5 valves per cylinder
  • Center rear headrest (pop up) with full 3 point rear center seatbelt
  • Head airbags
  • Flush fitting pop up headlamp wash
  • Full colour Driver information system (Trip computer) in instrument cluster
  • Larger armrests with lift up lids containing phone or storage space
  • Rounder, slightly elevated exterior door handles
  • Improved map reading lights built into rear view mirror at front, and the center rear for the rear passengers
  • Illuminated interior door handles
  • Cargo net lugs in the boot
  • Long life service interval option
  • Rectangular side repeaters on front wings
  • Menu system in DIS accessible by control by handbrake
  • Improved center console layout with heated seat switches located down with A/C controls
  • A/C settings now stored with drivers seat memory
  • 3.7 engine now has Quattro as standard
  • 4.2 power up to 310BHP from 300
  • S8 power up to 360BHP from 340

Engine Code? Gearbox Code? What is a build sticker?

Many items of equipment are fitted at the factory depending on when the car was built, and from an external appearance and drivability they can seem identical. At this point, the only real way to tell is to refer to the build sticker.

The sticker is on the inside cover of your original Audi Service booklet, and a dupliacate is stuck inside the spare wheel well. This square, white sticker has every code on that is required to work out exactly what part is needed for your '8. An example is below:


Build Sticker

What colour is my car?

There are a number of different 'colours' to any one '8'

  • Exterior paint colour
  • Interior Leather Seats and armrests
  • Interior Carpets, glovebox, lower dash and lower B pillars
  • Upper Dashboard
  • Steering Wheel
  • Roof lining, upper pillars, parcel shelf
  • Wood trim

The most commonly requested exterior body part is 'silver' - But note there are at least 4 different common colours of silver, not included the Final Edition only Avus Silver. Black also comes in two shades along with numerous blues and greens. The build sticker is the only way to be 100% sure on a colour match if you want to avoid repainting.

Interior Colours include:

  • BV - Platinum (Light Grey) (pre facelift)
  • BW - Ecru (Cream) (pre facelift)
  • BT - Anthracite (Black) (Pre Facelift)
  • BU - Aqua (Dark Blue) (Pre facelift)
  • WA,WK - Soul (Black)
  • WC,WE - Swing (Dark Grey)
  • WJ - Twist (Beige)
  • WB - Blues (Dark Blue)
  • WF - Platinum (Light silver)
  • WL, WM, WU - Coconut Brown
  • WG - Aqua
  • WH - Tango
  • WD - Jazz
  •  +  Red & purple available on the final edition cars.

Leather coverings include:

  • N7R - Half Valcona Leather / Alcantara
  • N3Q - Fine Napa Leather
  • N4K - Natural Leather

 Wood trims:

  • 5ME - Vavona - Highly Polished
  • 5MX - Birds Eye Maple Light
  • 5MW - Myrtle Wood Dark
  • 5MK - Carbon Fibre
  • 5MG - Walnut - highly Polished

Facelift Interior colour combinations (Sales names)

Interior Code Sales Name Seat Headlining Upper dash Lower dash Carpet
WA Sepia Black Light grey Black Black Black
WB Indigo Dark blue Blue grey Dark Blue Dark Blue Dark Blue
WC Pearl Dark grey Light grey Dark grey Dark grey Dark grey
WE Obsidian Dark grey Dark grey Black Dark grey Dark grey
WD Amber Dark Brown Beige grey Dark brown Dark brown Dark brown
WF Sable Light grey Light grey Dark grey Light grey Light grey
WG Aqua Mid blue Blue grey Dark blue Mid blue Mid blue
WH Cedar Light brown Beige grey Dark brown Light brown Light brown
WJ Papyrus Light beige Light beige Dark beige Light beige Light beige

Facelift Interior colour combinations (Internal parts names)

Interior Code Sales Name Seat Headlining Upper dash Lower dash Carpet
WA Sepia Soul Platinum Soul Soul Soul
WB Indigo Blues Aqua Blues Blues Blues
WC Pearl Swing Platinum Swing Swing Swing
WE Obsidian Swing Platinum Soul Soul Swing
WD Amber Jazz Biscuit Jazz Jazz Jazz
WF Sable Platinum Platinum Swing Swing Platinum
WG Aqua Aqua Aqua Blues Blues Aqua
WH Cedar Tango Biscuit Jazz Jazz Tango
WJ Papyrus Twist Twist Jive Jive Twist

Facelift colour name translation

Parts Colour Appearance
Soul Black
Biscuit Light brown
Blues Dark Blue
Jazz Dark Brown
Swing Dark Grey
Jive Grey Beige
Platinum Light Grey
Twist Beige
Aqua Mid blue
Tango Light brown

Prefacelift Interior colour combinations (Internal parts names)

Seat Headlining Upper dash Lower dash Carpet
BT Anthracite Platinum Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite
BU Aqua Aqua Anthracite Aqua Aqua
BV Platinum Platinum Anthracite Platinum Platinum
BW Ecrue Ecrue Lava Ecrue Ecrue
BA Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite

Prefacelift Interior colour combinations (Internal sales names)

Seat Headlining Upper dash Lower dash Carpet
BT Black Light Grey Black Black Black
BU Mid Blue Mid Blue Black Mid Blue Mid Blue
BV Light Grey Light Grey Black Light Grey Light Grey
BW Light Beige Light Beige Black Light Beige Light Beige
BA Black Black Black Black Black

* BW in the UK has black upper dashboard. Some parts databases claim this code has a grey dashboard

If you are in any doubt about whether a part or upgrade will fit your car, email us a photo of your build sticker and we can tell you.

If you are missing your build stickers, you can still find the above information by calling your local Audi dealer - They can track down the option codes from your VIN.

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