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12/11/2019 - Welcome to NickDisk!!

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Combined Shipping
For combined shipping, please use the Add to Cart button to combine multiple items.

The eBay shopping cart will automatically apply shipping discounts and calculate the best price.


Checkout + Payment

Q: How do I buy items from NickDisk?

Add the desired items to the eBay shopping cart by using the Add to Cart button in each item listing page. Next, click on a link that says your cart or click the small shopping cart in the top right corner of the page to view your items for purchase. If you’re ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout to continue to payment.

Q: Add to Cart is not showing up. How can I combine multiple items in one invoice?

Sometimes the Add to Cart button doesn’t show up when using eBay on a mobile phone. If possible, try using a computer web browser.

If you still cannot add items to your eBay shopping cart, you can use Buy it Now to purchase the items. Afterwards, you can then request a refund for multiple charges on the shipping cost by messaging me.

Q: When is payment due after buying an item?

Payment is due immediately after purchase. Items will still be available for purchase until payment has been completed.

Q: Is there sales tax on my purchase?

Sales tax (GST/HST) will apply to purchases made in Canada on the total price (item price + shipping and handling).

Sales tax on orders in the USA may apply, depending on the state.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal is the only accepted payment method.


Q: Where is NickDisk located?

NickDisk is located in 2 locations:

USA: Niagara Falls, NY

Canada: Toronto, ON

Q: Does NickDisk offer local pickup for orders?

No, local pickup is not available. All orders must be shipped.

Q: Can I combine shipping?

Yes. To combine multiple items in one order, use the Add to Cart button instead of Buy It Now. The best shipping price will be calculated automatically at checkout.

Q: How long is handling time for orders?

Handling time is within 1 business day of the purchase date. Tracking numbers for most orders will be uploaded within 1 business day. Please allow a few days for tracking numbers to update.

Q: How long is delivery time for orders?

Here are estimates for delivery time for each region:

Canada: 1-8 business days
USA: 2-4 business days
UK/Ireland: 6-12 business days
Worldwide: 6-21 business days

Q: My tracking number still says “Electronic Information Submitted By Sender”. Why hasn’t it updated yet?

Tracking can take 1-2 days to process after being uploaded. After the package has been scanned at a postal facility, it will be delivered in the number of business days specified in the item listing’s shipping table.

Returns + Refunds

Q: What is the return policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving the item. Unless the item is defective or not as described, an item (must be in original condition) can be returned at the buyer’s expense.

Q: I want to return my item to NickDisk. What do I do first?

Please message me first and we will discuss the return process.

Q: I paid separate shipping costs instead of a combined shipping cost. Can I get a refund on the shipping I over-payed?

Yes! Please message me and I will refund you the extra shipping you paid. You can either request the refund as a PayPal payment or you can use the refunded amount as store credit.

About the Gamecube

Q: What is the difference between Gamecube console DOL-001 and DOL-101?

The original version of the Nintendo Gamecube released was DOL-001. This unit has a Digital Video port on the back of the console, as well as an extra serial port 2 on the underside of the console labelled Serial Port 2. Lastly, the “Nintendo Gamecube” logo jewel on the disc lid of the console is a removable part.

The DOL-101 was a newer revision of the Nintendo Gamecube and had some features removed. This version of the console does not have the Digital Video port or Serial Port 2. The “Nintendo Gamecube” logo jewel on the disc lid is also not removable.

Q: Do I need a separate memory card for North American and Japanese games?

Both North American and PAL region games can saved on the same memory card.

Japanese games require their own memory card. Before using a memory card for Japanese save files, it must be reformatted first. The Gamecube menu can be used to reformat the memory card.

Q: Can Gamecube consoles sold by NickDisk play backup games burned on mini-DVDs?
Yes! In addition to the Xeno GC chip being installed, the Gamecubes have also had their optical drive laser potetiometer adjusted so it can read backups. The potentiometer has been set to about 150-170 ohms and has been tested with a backup disc (Verbatim DVD-R, burned with Img Burn at 4x)

Although the potentiometer is set lower than factory setting, it can still safely read original discs.

Q: Which region of games will play on Gamecube consoles sold by NickDisk?

These Gamecubes have been modifed with a Xeno GC mod chip and a Japanese/English region switch in order to read all regions of Gamecube games - North American, Japan, and PAL.

Q: Can I use a Japanese AC adapter on a North American outlet?

The Japanese AC adapter is safe to use on a North American outlet. The Japanese AC adapter is also safe to use with a North American Gamecube console and vise-versa.

Q: Can I use an NTSC Gamecube on a European outlet?

The included NTSC AC adapter would need to be used with a step-down converter in order for it to work. However, a European Nintendo Gamecube AC Adapter is fully compatible with any region Gamecube and is the safest and easiest option.

Q: What is the HDMI video output resolution?

The Pluto-IIx FPGA HDMI board can output the following resolutions:
NTSC - 240p(60hz), 480i(60hz), and 480p(60hz)
PAL - 288p(50hz), 576i(50hz), and 576p(50hz)

Q: Can PAL Gamecube games output video at 480p?

While some US/Japanese games have the option to output at 480p, all PAL region games have this option removed. The highest resolution PAL region games output is 480i.

Fortunately, the Xeno GC chip has the ability force PAL region games to output at 480p. Hold the Y button on on the Gamecube startup screen while the game is loading to force 480p video mode on compatible games.

About the XENO GC

Q: What is the XENO GC, and what does it do?

The XENO GC is a mod chip for the Nintendo Gamecube's optical disc drive. The main features of the XENO GC is the ability to load any region of game disc. (North America, Japan, PAL) as well as game backups or homebrew software (Swiss) burned on DVD-R/mini-DVD-R.

Q: What do I need to install the XENO GC mod chip in my Nintendo Gamecube?

To install the XENO GC mod chip, you will need:

• 4.5mm security screwdriver bit
• small and large Phillips head screwdriver
• soldering iron
• solder

Q: How difficult is it to install the XENO GC mod chip?

As long as you have some experience soldering, this install should be easy-medium difficulty.

Q: What if I can’t install the XENO GC modchip myself?

NickDisk sells a refurbished Nintendo Gamecube optical disc drive with XENO GC installed here. This disc drive has also had its laser potentiometer adjusted and tested to read original games and burned DVDs.

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