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  Classic Stamps and Classic Revenues - Jean-Guy Olivier 

Welcome to my store

I will be adding extra features over the next few weeks, so come back regularly.

Due to COVID-19 some customers may start to notice longer delivery times than usual. Delays are the result of both limited air transportation and changes in how postal operators deliver. Some destinations such as Italy, China, Hong Kong and Macao are impacted by delays in mail services. Some countries have temporarily suspended operations and some shipments may have been interrupted. In this challenging time, we hope you will stay safe and we appreciate your patience.


I started collecting stamps at the age of twelve: I remember having seen an advertisement for a proposal of stamps in a magazine and having been so impressed about such a possibility. At first, I collected blocks and also some classics. The stamps made ​​me dream. So I started very early to buy and sell in order to grow my own collection.
Today my collection consists of Classics in Mint Multiple, for both Postage and Revenues. I also collect specific emissions for which I try to buy all the possible variants. I love my job of trader but I much prefer collecting stamps.

C'est à l'âge de 12 ans que j'ai commencé à collectionner les timbres. Au début je ne pouvais me permetre que de maigres achats. Aussi, j'ai rapidement commencé à transiger pour pouvoir disposer de davantage de revenus et ainsi m'acheter davantage de timbres.
Aujourd'hui, ma collection se compose de blocs de timbres neufs de la période classique (postaux ou fiscaux). Je collectionne aussi certaines émissions pour lesquelles je recherche toutes les variantes possibles. Si mon métier de négociant en timbres me passionne, ce sera toujours ma collection qui me procurera le plus de plaisir.