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About Us

Welcome to TistaMinis!

Our goal here is to help enhance our fellow hobbyists shopping experience when it comes to hobby models and gaming supplies. We primarily focus on selling used hobby model toys but that is not all.

Throughout my experience in this field it is amazing to witness and experience the different types of people and preferences each one has. Some individuals only like unpainted and new models, others on the other hand are more inclined towards painted job lots that they can strip and restore in order to save some money. There is also those who love the game but may not have the time or skill to paint full armies in order to play. Our goal is to ultimately service each of these groups in different ways by providing a variety of services and products tailored to each of their needs. The majority of our models are used and second hand but we also come across some items that are new in sprue or new in box. On top of this, sometimes we are able to purchase well painted models that are ready for action right away! Whatever suits you, we are to try and help.

In the future we plan to expand by selling more bits to help with your customization / replacement needs. On top of this we are also working towards offering a line of “table top ready” pre-painted models.

If you are located in Canada we are always looking to purchase more models to add to our inventory. Shoot us a message for more details.

Commission Painting Services

As part of our goal to help service multiple facets of the hobby, we are proud to offer commission and touch up services for models. Sometimes you may not have the time or skill to achieve what you want out of your forces. We have two methods to help you achieve awesome looking armies.

1. Standard Commission Painting Service:

This is your typical painting service. Many of you have seen this advertised by many individuals most likely. We essentially work with you to make your vision come to life. You let us know what models you are looking to get painted and we provide a quote. You then send us the models or pay us and we purchase them here locally (helps you avoid the cost of shipping the models to us). We then paint it up and ship them out to you. The cost of getting a model painted is normally 1.5x to 2.0x the cost of the model. This varies however so please shoot us a message and we can discuss in full detail if interested.

2.Model Touch Up Service:

This is a more unique feature we offer which can provide outstanding results with less investment. Essentially what we do is touch up models you purchase from us.  The process usually goes as follows. You purchase a used model the way you normally would from our Ebay store. You then let us know you are looking to get it “Touched Up”. We then take the model and essentially improve the paint job on it using a variety of techniques. We can either focus on what we feel would be best for the vehicle, or you can tell us what you'd like done and direct our focus that way. The advantages are great for both parties as you get to purchase a “discounted painted mode” and then pay a little extra to have it brought up to a table top standard. This is usually done on an hourly basis of $15 per hour of work done. Since the model is usually already assembled and started it saves on a lot of labor time and we get to focus on the fine details more so. Some examples of what we typically do for model touch ups include : highlights, washes, details, basing, paint stripping (results may vary), re-assembly (fix and glue broken parts). If you would like to see some examples of previous projects please shoot us a message. If you are interested and would like more details send us a message and we can discuss in further detail.

Direct Order – New on Sprue Items

If you are interested in purchasing new items please send us a message. This is only available for customers within North America. You essentially tell us what you are looking to buy and we go out and find it for you. This excludes webstore exclusive items. The price for new on sprue items is usually 20% off retail.

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