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Ken McGee Auto Literature maintains one of the world's largest collections of automobile literature. Our 10,000 square foot facility houses manuals, brochures and other literature for vehicles from 1897 right through to the current model year, as well as as collectible toys, service station memorabilia, and several classic cars.

This car enthusiast's haven is owned and operated by Ken McGee, with long-running ties to McGee Motors: a car dealer destined to become Canada's oldest operating family dealership.

Ken McGee's entire life has existed around the automobile. Eighty-five years ago his parents started up a Dodge-DeSoto dealership and Ken, who was the youngest of four sons, spent every hour after school and weekends at the garage. At the time old Packards, Buicks, Cadillacs, and Model T's sat all over the place. Ken would brush paint them, paint on whitewalls, etc. just for something to do. At 12 years of age he sold his first car and has never stopped since. Ken started into the dealership on the washrack, then lube bay, then parts manager, eventually becoming service manager and then sales manager. When his father passed away in 1960 four sons took over the dealership and in January of 1962 changed to a Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac-GMC franchise and have never looked back. Over the years, the other brothers were bought out and Ken became the President of the dealership, working along side his son Darcy McGee and nephew Martyn McGee (third generation). In April of 2006 McGee Motors had to opportunity to buy out the local Chevrolet Dealership, then, with the reorganization of GM in 2009, we became a Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac-GMC dealer with a greatly enlarged territory.

In late 2011, after lengthy arrangements and with some mixed feelings, Ken retired from the dealership. He continues to manage his collector car and literature business, and remains active in the car hobby.

Ken purchased his first antique car at 15 years of age (a '32 Dodge) and has since owned hundreds of them from Antiques to Classics. His main interest is in cars from the teens through the 50's. He started collecting antique auto literature in the early 60's and has amassed a huge collection. Several purchases required tractor trailers to bring them home. Always a fondness for pre-war material has resulted in the best collection of this type available anywhere. Ken has added huge amounts of the popular 50's through 70's material and has a full range of sales brochures, shop manuals, owners manuals as well, for vehicles right up to the present. GM, Ford, & Chrysler all recommend our services to their customers. We have also branched into quality original toys like Buddy L, Arcade, Hubley, Minitoy, etc and have amassed a large quantity of them. The store has a great display of other automobilia as well.

By this time our literature was stored in 3 buildings, so in 2000 a decision was made to build a smart new 10,000 Sq. Ft. building where we could properly merchandise our wares. Several workstations were established for our staff who also have to look after our eBay store, which contains several thousand items for our online customers to choose from. As well as the hobby aspect, we supply car dealers, rent-a-car companies, tombstone engravers, police, RCMP, lawyers, and TV who need vehicle information for anything from sales, litigation, theft, etc. We have hosted many antique car tours, service clubs, and school groups at our literature shop.

At Ken McGee Auto Literature we specialize in same-day shipping and package our products most carefully. The literature is always described as accurately as possible. We have shipped to 71 different countries around the globe. We have many literature collectors who would testify about the quality and fair pricing of our material. My wife Sylvia ensures that the product gets out properly and quickly. The rest of our staff is here to help you as well. On display at the literature store are many high quality collector cars and Ken always has something in that line for sale. Not all though as he and Sylvia have their favorite pets that are keepers, especially the 1929 Buick Roadster, the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, plus everyone's favorite, a 1957 Red Chevy Convertible.

Proud owners Ken and Syliva McGee beam for the camera in front of their car collection.