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 In my store you will find early music editions I publish under the Cheap Choice Brave and New imprint plus a selection of used early music instruments, recordings and sheet music (especially for recorder). I also offer historical recordings of mainly classical music on CD, LP and reel tape.

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  • Informatio​n for Buyers

Information for Buyers




·  I aim to describe my items fairly and in as much detail as I can.

·  Please remember that even gently used items normally show minor signs of use. Beyond normal light usage, I will clearly identify any defects in the items.

·  Used items are often unique or hard to find and are sold as is. Sales are final. However, I offer a refund of the purchase price for items agreed by both buyer and myself to be not as originally described. Please note that I am not able to refund postage for returned items.

·   If an item is not as described, please contact me within 7 days of delivery for approval before returning the item. Please note that I am unable to make refunds for items returned without prior approval. 

·  If you require a specific item or edition of an item and you are not sure if what I am offering is what you want, please contact me before purchasing. This saves a lot of trouble later. If in doubt, ask.


Postage/ Insurance etc.


·  I aim to give a fair deal on postage. However, quoted rates for postage include a small amount for packaging. If you are not in agreement with this policy, please do not bid.

·  If possible, I will combine multiple wins to save on postage. There are some problems with this because of the way Canada Post does its calculating. Please don’t be surprised if often there is no significant saving to be made.  This particularly affects shipments within Canada. I will explain below.

·  I normally calculate my postage costs to include insurance based on a reasonable estimate of the value of the item. The vast majority of items arrive unharmed, but the insurance helps avoid unhappy buyers if occasionally an item goes missing or gets damaged in the mail. (After 3 years I’m still hoping that particularly desirable Bernard Krainis LP I once bought on Ebay might someday turn up....)


Inside Canada


·  Inside Canada, small items such as single pieces of sheet music are an exception to my insurance policy. To get insurance, you need to use registered mail costing an extra $6 Canadian. When a single piece of music sells for around $5, the insurance can end up costing as much or more than the item, so I don’t include it.

·  Inside Canada, items up to 500 grams (remember I have to include packaging as well!) can be sent as letters. This normally means 2 or 3  pieces of sheet music can be sent together with a resulting saving in shipping cost. For light items of higher value, I will automatically include insurance in the postage charge.

·  Inside Canada, items over 500 grams have to be sent as parcels, which is more expensive than letter post, especially to provinces far from Alberta. So sometimes if you buy say 5 pieces of music, you don’t actually save anything on postage.  Sorry, I didn’t invent the system, honest!


USA and Rest of World


·  Shipments to USA and Rest of World are normally sent as air small packets. This includes $100 Canadian of insurance which is adequate for most small items.

·  Larger items are sent to USA by Expresspost with appropriate insurance.

·  Larger items are sent to Rest of World by Air Parcel with appropriate insurance.

·  By agreement I can also send items to USA and Rest of World by surface parcel. Again insurance will be included. Please contact me if you want to use this option. It is cheaper, but delivery times of 2-3 months or more are not uncommon. You have been warned!


Payment methods


·  Paypal is easiest and quickest. If I am able to give a postage discount for multiple items, I can do this as a partial refund via Paypal.

·  I also accept money orders (bank drafts/cashier’s checks) and personal cheques in Canadian dollars (drawn on a Canadian bank) or in British Pounds (drawn on a UK bank) or in US dollars (drawn on a US bank).

·  Please note that I cannot accept drafts/cheques in other combinations - for example a cheque in US dollars drawn on a UK bank, as this will cause conversion fees and bank charges to be deducted.

·  I will wait for cheques to clear before shipping the items.

·  If you want to claim a postage discount and are not using Paypal, please arrange this with me before checking out on the item. After checkout can be too late! For small amounts I can sometimes include Canadian or US dollars in the parcel, otherwise I may have no way to get the money to you without it being eaten up in bank charges. The best I can do in that case is to offer you a discount on a future purchase.


LP Records


Professional cleaning and a high-quality antistatic inner sleeve is included in the price of my records.


To reduce surface noise and get all of the superior sound of which analogue is capable, LPs need to be vacuum cleaned. Unless otherwise noted, I clean all discs using a Nitty Gritty machine and Nitty Gritty Pure 2 Fluid before sale. To avoid re-contamination of the record, I also include a polyethylene inner sleeve (for 12-inch LPs, Sleeve City’s Diskeeper 1.5, a round bottom sleeve die-cut for precision from 37.5 micron polyethylene, the same material used for the famous Nagaoka 102 inners). This sleeve is placed inside the original inner sleeve (if any). Nothing original is thrown away!


I include this cleaning service because I believe buyers should get the best possible sound from the records they buy. However, some dealers charge up to $3 extra per record for cleaning. It’s worth bearing this in mind when comparing prices.



I grade my records carefully using the following system. If in doubt, please ask.


·  Sealed =  an unopened, unused record (remember this may still have manufacturing flaws if you decide to open it up!)

·  A /Near Mint = a record which is visually as good as new with no visible marks or flaws

·  A- / Near Mint Minus = a record with only minor surface marks (also known as non-sounding marks or NSMs) which will not sound on most equipment

·  B+/Very Good Plus  = a record with one or two minor pressing flaws or ticks that will sound usually for a few revolutions only with the remainder of the record near mint OR a record with no visible flaws but with noticeable surface noise

·  B/Very Good   = a record with a few small scratches or pressing flaws that will sound, but not significantly worn or a record with no scratches but some evidence of wear on musical peaks

·  B-/Very Good Minus   = a record with moderate wear, some small scratches and a fair amount of noise, though still quite listenable.

·  Listening Copy Only = A record which is playable but has a lot of noise and/or wear and perhaps one or more long or deep scratches that sound. Occasionally, also a record that has one big scratch resulting from an accident but is otherwise near mint (can be useful if you have another copy with the other side damaged!). Usually copies of this kind are listed only where the record is rare or particularly desirable.


Sleeves/Jackets are assumed to be in similar shape to the records inside unless otherwise noted.


Where available or useful, I give information on


·  Country of origin

·  Date of issue

·  Type of label and pressing

·  Type of inner sleeve - as well as offering a guide to the condition of the record, this can give useful dating information, for example EMI’s many different types of inners or Decca liners which are often printed with dates

·  Presence of leaflets and inserts


Reel Tapes


So that buyers avoid unpleasant surprises, I test all my reel tapes by playing all the way through on a Pioneer RT909 deck. Normally any tapes I offer for sale play perfectly on my machine.  Occasionally an interesting tape with minor problems will be offered at a lower than normal price.  Any problems such as missing sections, splices, dropouts etc. that are apparent on my equipment will be clearly identified.


Last updated: 1 September 2006


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